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Pet Waste Station Services

Pet Waste Stations are the Best Way to Solve Your Dog Poop Issues

Pet waste station service outfits communal areas with receptacles and dog poop bags, guiding owners to manage their pets’ waste. Such stations act as direct prompts for responsible pet care, underscoring cleanliness in shared environments. They’re crucial in fostering proper waste disposal, curtailing environmental pollution, and upkeeping the cleanliness and look of areas enjoyed by pets and their owners

Pet waste station service ensures clean, hygienic environments for both residents and visitors. Our professional team offers both comprehensive cleaning and waste station service, specifically designed for multi-unit living spaces. Our common area waste removal service includes meticulous dog waste cleanup in apartment grounds and shared spaces, as part of our commercial common area service, to keep your property pristine and welcoming.

What Frequency Service Do I Need?

Servicing frequency for pet waste stations must align with usage rates—if bins are often full, it’s time to up service frequency. Full bins signal tenants are using and valuing these facilities, adhering to the intent behind pet waste stations. Constantly reviewing and modifying the service timetable guarantees these stations stay operational and beneficial, aiding in maintaining cleanliness in communal areas frequented by pets and their owners.

What Waste Station Services We Provide

Installing & replacing pet waste stations
Emptying waste receptacles and changing out their bags
Scooping a 30 foot radius around each waste station
Restocking the bag dispensers regularly to ensure bags are always available for tenants.
Repair Services - we can fix, replace, lubricate, and tighten any of the waste station parts that need attention.
We will let you know if there are any issues with your stations and recommend frequency increases if your station receptacles are always full or bags are getting low before our next service.

Why Choose Dog Poo Crew?

With years of experience in the industry, we understand the unique needs of apartment complexes. Our team is well-trained, professional, and committed to exceeding your expectations. We tailor our services to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need one-timecleanings, weekly, 2x/week, or every other week cleanings, we can create a plan that suits your complex’s needs.

A clean and well-maintained apartment complex enhances resident satisfaction and property value. Our services ensure that your property is not only clean but also convenient for pet owners.

Dog Poo Crew is a proud member of aPaws, ensuring professional standards and best practices in pet waste removal.


Dog Poo Crew is the best thing we have done! They are always on time and do a great job keeping our lawn clean! Their customer service and communication is top notch! Thank you Dog Poo Crew! You have truly made our outside space more enjoyable!

Alison D.

The Dog Poo Crew has been working here for years and I love them! I’ve had numerous dogs during that time and these folks are on schedule, taking away the waste(which is a huge deal for me). Highly recommend them.

Vicki W.

Very much recommend Dog Poo Crew for ‘poo pickup’, year-round. Very professional and reliable – I’m starting my third year with them, and looking forward to the post-winter yard, ready to enjoy when summer comes again!

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