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National Scoop the Poop Week: Celebrating Responsible Pet Ownership As we wrap up Earth Day celebrations, there’s another important week for pet owners and animal lovers to observe – National Scoop the Poop Week! Running from April 23-29 each year, this initiative was established in 2002 by the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (APAWS)...


How To Get Dog Poop And Urine Stains Out of Carpet As a pet waste removal company, Dog Poo Crew understands that accidents happen, and sometimes our loved companions leave behind unpleasant surprises on our carpets. While we specialize in outdoor dog waste removal, we know how important it is to address indoor messes too....


Dog Bite Prevention Tips for Animal Lovers We have been entering yards since 2006 and are now in and out of hundreds and hundreds of yards each year so we know a thing or two about preventing dog bites. In these years of working with dogs, Dog Poo Crew has gained valuable insights into dog...

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