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We are a fully insured pet services company specializing in dog waste removal. We have been serving the FM area since 2006.

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What Do You Do?

Since 2006 Dog Poo Crew has provided the Fargo-Moorhead area with professional dog waste cleanup and removal services.

How Do You Charge For This Service?

Fees depend on how many pets you have and how often you'd like us to visit. Please see our service and pricing page for more information. If you have further questions please give us a call at 701.219.6589 or email us at

Can I Request My Service on a Certain Day of the Week?

Our routes are setup and designed for us to be in specific areas of town on certain days of the week. This grouping of customers into routes helps us save time and gas otherwise wasted driving across town all day which in turn helps us keep your costs as low as we can. If you need us to come on a specific day that is not the day we are normally in your area there will be extra charges for extra gas and time. The same goes for cleanings that are needed at a specific time or within a small time frame.

My Gate is Locked. Can You Stop By When I'm Home?

Because our service days are packed with yards to service we can only come by at specific times or within specific short period time frames for additional fees.

Do You Work Year Round or in Bad Weather?

We do work year round and rid your yard of waste even in the winter months. No need for a nasty messy yard in the spring when we're on the job. We service yards in most weather and if we can't make it on your service day we will be there as soon as we can after.

I Haven't Mowed My Yard in a While. Is This a Problem?

Yes, long grass and accumulated leaves or debris are an issue for us. We will still be happy to do a systematic cleaning of your yard on a regular basis and remove all the waste we can see but because it would just take way too long we cannot guarantee a waste free yard if there is unmowed grass and/or accumulation of leaves, debris, etc.

Where Do You Clean?

We clean wherever in your yard that there is waste. We can clean rock beds though there may be additional fees for the extra time needed to remove the waste. If you have a deck you want hosed off and have a hose handy or something we'd be happy to take care of it for you after we service your yard(small additional fees may apply).

What Do You Do With The Waste?

We remove it! All the waste we collect is hauled away with us and disposed of properly.

Can You Work With My Dog in the Yard?

Yes as long as your dog is not vicious and lets us in the yard with out any issues we enjoy the dogs around while we clean. If your dog is unfriendly or is likely to make escape attempts when the gate is open then it may not be such a good idea to have your dog out.

How Am I Billed?

All monthly bills are sent out on the 1st of the month previous to the month the invoice is billing for and are due on the 1st day of the month. Ex.: Your bill to cover the expense of weekly services for the month of August will be sent out to you on July 1st and is due on August 1st. Services will be suspended if payment is not received on or before the 1st of the month and extra fees may apply if the next scheduled cleaning takes longer due to accumulated waste. Payments may be made via check or through our credit card payment option on this website.

Are There Any Contracts to Sign?

No. We do not require any contracts. Our service can be started and/or finished with a simple phone call or email. Any cleanings already paid for at time of cancellation will be refunded.

What If I Want To Skip a Service Day?

This is not a problem for us as long as your cancellation is made at least a day in advance.

Why is My Bill a Funny Amount?

We average monthly bill for a couple of reasons. One reason is so customers know exactly how much their bill will be each month instead of their invoice being a different amount depending on the number of weeks in the month. Another reason we do it is so that we can save time on invoicing by not having to count the number of times we were at each of our customers yards that month. Even though some months have 4 weeks you could have had more or less cleanings depending on when the beginning/end of the month are in correlation to your service day.


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